My precious time at English in Chester My friends in Buddhist Meditation Centre


I still remember the first day (October, 20th 2015) I went to Dechen Buddhist Meditation Chester, Quaker Meeting House. Your way of making me feel like part of your family made an everlasting impression on me. Firstly, we didn’t know each other but I was warmly welcomed and well treated by all of you. As the months passed, we have become friends.

I believe we were related to each other once existence in the past. Buddhists believe Samsara effectively constitutes a cycle of birth and rebirth, and as long as we are in Samsara we are born innumerable times and move from one existence to the next. We can be reborn as an animal, as a human being, or can be reborn as a divinity, etc. Our lives go on beyond what we normally think of as this life. In fact, we are reborn an infinite number of times until we manage to bring that to an end. To achieve liberation, to achieve our own enlightenment, via meditation and triumph of the mind over craving, desire and excess, it is possible to achieve enlightenment, Nirvana.

In Manchester Centre (July 16th 2016) I have heard about Karma, how mindful actions impact on our lives. According to my understanding the word “Karma” literally means deed or action. The Buddha had told us that the only Karma that matters is what is morally good or morally bad, and we decide what to do. This principle of cause and effect can bring consequences that are either good or bad depending on what it is we have done. Karma can generate consequences both throughout this life and long into the next.

Finally, I would like to say I have appreciated your help and kindness. I have benefited greatly from your knowledge and meditation practice. I have also gained plenty of experience from our conversations.

“All good things must come to an end” is always true. I am grateful for what you have done for me. All memories will be kept deep in my heart.

Wate Bunnakornkul


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